Complex ID is a full-service design firm with over 30 years of experience, specializing in sign systems, branding and graphic design for residential complexes, entertainment, restaurant, retail, office parks and buildings.


We identify, enhance, guide, and entertain people through building, places and spaces. We also develop branding, advertising and marketing materials that inform, inspire communicate and connect with consumers who are looking for business, places to shop, dine and most importantly… a place to call home.


Our packages are some of the best in the industry, which include, extreme detail to code compliancy, design standards, construction documention, city submittals, location plans and message schedules that leave no detail to chance. No interpretation ensures comparable bids and accurate figures in the bidding process.

The Co-Working to Collaboration to Partnership Story...


Complex ID came to be when two Award Winning Designers decided to share office space, with the thought that having a design nemesis near by, would make for an interesting and motivating working dynamic. What began as, simply bouncing ideas off each other, quickly grew to the swapping of designs (each adding their own twist) in a constant challenge of one-upmanship. Not only did they find that the results they consistently like the best were the collaborative efforts, but time and time again, clients chose the designs that incorporated the professional styles and individual quirkiness of both designers.

It was truly was the challenging of each other's talents, their competitive nature and a shared love for design, that drove this unstoppable design team to partnership and the launch of Complex ID.




Rick Chavez


With over 30 years of graphic design, environmental graphic design and construction experience, Rick’s extensive work can be seen throughout the country and worldwide. Prior to joining Complex ID, Rick was a Senior Designer at Hunt Design.

Some of his Designing & Management work include: San Diego International Airport - Monument, Parking, Exterior & Interior Wayfinding, Exposition Park - Monument & Wayfinding, City of Covina - Wayfinding Sign System, City of Corona Circle - Monument Project, Greenfield Village - Identity & Themed Sign System. And Project management of: Costa Mesa - Park Signage System, and Redondo Beach - Identity, Monuments & Wayfinding


In the entertainment arena, Rick’s talents can be seen in thematic design, ride experience, restaurant, wayfinding and themed signage, at Disneyland, Disney Hong Kong, Disneyworld, Downtown Disney, California Adventure, Warner Brothers Spain and Mala Bay Taiwan.


Rick’s expertise in code signage (ADA, Title 24, Title 19) coupled with his creative and technical abilities... make him Complex ID’s HAT TRICK!

Gigi Johnson


With over 20 years in the Graphic Design and Adverting Industry, Gigi’s expertise in the design and development of Corporate Identities, Collateral and Environmental Graphics, has earned her numerous American Advertising Federation Awards and International Summit Creative Awards. She has worked in Residential, Retail and Entertainment designing signage and environmental graphics for clientele ranging from small business to Fortune 500 Companies and from Gastro Pubs to Downtown Disney.


Her illustration, CAD, layout and presentation skills are evident in Complex ID’s Design Standards, Sign Programs, Construction Documentation, City Submittals, Location Plans and Message Schedules, said to be the most complete documentation in the industry. Gigi is “hands-on” and “in-the-trenches” from surveying to installation, making her project management expertise vital to Complex ID success.

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