Planning forms the foundation of a successful Signage and Wayfinding Program. In the planning stage, Complex ID will review architectural plans and survey the site when necessary.

    Code requirements, vehicular and pedestrian circulation routes, construction requirements, scheduling as well as the all-important marketing path, will all be established in this phase.


    Once planning and research is done, we enhance your brand and project with the design of two- and three-dimensional signs and graphics specific to your built environment. This is more than just signs, it’s the experience and lifestyle that builds interest with your  potential client. In a residential complex, this can include monument, building branding, wayfinding systems, signage and architectural graphics, marketing, themed graphics and environments. In a mixed-use complex, this would include retail, restaurant and store design.


    Graphic Design is about communicating with your potential clients while maintaining and strengthening your brand. Contacting us while your project is in the concept phase is how clients reap the most benefits from Complex ID. Our experienced design team will gather everything needed to begin the in depth design process for the branding of your complex. There is much to be considered before presenting clients with design options, starting with a design brief to establishing the client’s specific needs for their project.

    Should a project’s Identity/Design be well under way or established, Complex ID can pick up a project at any stage to create a Sign Standard or Comprehensive Signage and Wayfinding Program.


    Project management is a given when Complex ID has been involved from the onset of a project, but often client’s projects are well underway. For clients with existing branding, we develop a Sign and Wayfinding System to compliment your property, to insure compliance, detailed architectural drawings for accurate bidding and fabrication. Complex ID management means your project is followed from start to finish.

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